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Data Science using Python or R

Data Science with Python or R?

Data Science with Python or R - Which is better? Harvard Business Review rated "Data Science" as the sexiest job of the 21st Century. According to the recent study by LinkedIn, Data Science and Machine Learning engineers are the job roles which are in demand. NASSCOM has predicted that India's Analytics market will be worth over $2 Billion, creating over...

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Python training in Bangalore

Procode tech provides you the best python training in Bangalore. Our trainers are IT professionals who have over 7+ yrs of work experience in Python. You will not only get to learn the language but also learn the industry standard that is expected from an resource these days. Our Mission: Our mission is to make Procode Tech the preferred technical...

super in python

“Super” in python: why and when to use

One of the primary OOPS concept that dominates python is Inheritance. Super is useful for accessing inherited methods that have been overridden in a class. For more theory details, refer Python's official doc on Super. Lets start with practical example: [code language="python"] class A(object): print ("I am in class A") class B(A): print ("I am in class B") B_obj=B() [/code] In the above code we have defined two classes...