Data Visualization using Tableau


Data Visualization using Tableau


Data Visualization using Tableau

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Learn the leading course on Data Visualization using Tableau, Online from the experts who knows in & out of the Tableau tools. This course covers everything you need to know to be ready for giving interviews on Data Visualization using Tableau.

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Learn Data Visualization using Tableau, Online, in 30 hours. Tableau is a new age BI tool that is designed to help create Visualizations much more simpler compared to any other tool out there. Data Visualization is all about analyzing complex data. This can be done using Python, R, Excel, D3, Django, QlikView, Oracle BI, etc. The list gets bigger. But all these techniques are either very costly or very difficult to work with and require coding knowledge. Tableau is one such amazing tool that helps you learn and develop data visualizations in as less as 30 seconds. It sounds simple, because it is simple. But, you can do much more than those simple visualizations in Tableau.

The latest versions of Tableau has enabled users to perform Cross Database Joins, Analytics and Predictions too. This makes Tableau stand tall against its competitors. Thus, making it a hot learning tool in the world today.


Suitable For:

This course is best suitable for Business Developers, Analysts, Managers who have to give presentations to their Boss, Students of Computer Application, Business Administration, Commerce and Engineering Students who wants to pursue their career in Analytics. Tableau is becoming a most widely chosen tool by Chartered Accountants of TOP MNCs of the world, replacing the old ways of creating dashboards using excel. Its ability to deal with complex data, especially numbers, makes it so special in the market today.

Our Process:


  1. No coding knowledge needed.
  2. Data Visualization using Tableau is a 100% Online Course.
  3. Knowing SQL would be an added advantage. If you don’t know, we can take of that as well.


Learning Outcome:

  1. Data Analysis.
  2. Perform simple to complex visualizations in matter of minutes.
  3. Create, read, write, and modify Business Intelligence Reports using Tableau.
  4. Be industry ready and Crack Interviews.
  5. Open up a path for yourself to get into Data Science or Data Analytics.


View syllabus tab to see the detailed topic covered in this course.

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Every day new business scenario.
  • Understanding Data
  • How to connect to Data Source: Types of Data Source
  • Navigation
  • Dimensions and Measurements
  • Calculated Fields
  • Color, Size, Detail, Labels, Formatting
  • Learn how to create: Bar Chart / Heat Maps / Highlight tables / Pie Chart / Maps / Horizontal Bar / Tree Map / Line Chart / Dual Line Chart / Area Chart / Dual Axis Chart / Bubble Chart / Box Chart.
  • Time Series
  • Aggregation
  • Filters and Highlighting
  • Granularity
  • Level Of Detail (LOD)
  • Joining Data (Left, Right, Inner and Outer Join)
  • Join duplicate values and/or multiple values
  • Data Blending
  • Scatterplot
  • Create Dashboard
  • Geographical roles
  • Hierarchy
  • Table Calculations
  • Groups and Sets (Differences along with use case)
  • Creating Bins and Distribution
  • Advanced dashboard interactivity
  • Create Story
  • Data Preprocessing
    • Formatting of Data
    • Data Interpreter
    • Pivot
    • Splitting complex column into Multiple Columns
  • Meta Data Grid
  • Parameters
  • Controlling Sets and Groups using Parameter
  • Calculated Fields vs. Table Calculations
  • Advanced Table Calculations
  • Animations
  • Data Analytics
    • Trend-lines
    • Forecasting
  • What’s new in Tableau

Why Us?

If you’re in this page, then you probably must be those set of folks who believe in “WHAT MORE CAN I GET FROM THIS INSTITUTE!”. And that’s why this page is meant just for those students. Its imperative that you would get trained by the best in the Industry within 30 days. But there’s more to that. You will get:

  1. FREE 6 months email support to all your questions, related to Tableau, including but not limited to Data Analytics and Data Science.
  2. FREE session on Python and its usage with Tableau.
  3. Exclusive membership to Procodetech Facebook group. Its a group of all students and professional, who are gathered to answer and ask questions, share their thoughts related to technology. This group has members who have over 15+ years of experience in IT.
  4. We help you Prepare for your On Campus InterviewsFREE of Cost. For process, please write to us at [email protected]
  5. Our Trainers are 10 years experienced IT professionals, working in MNCs like Dell, GE, Verifone, etc. They specialize in Tableau and related field.
  6. We believe in training students by making them understand the logic. We strictly maintain NO MUG-UP Policy, wherein, we make sure that the student isn’t mugging up the subject and instead understands it properly.
  7. 10% of your fees is donated to Old Age Home and 10% to Animal Shelter. We believe in Humanity.
  8. scholarship will be given to 1 student, whose tuition fee would be completely waived off. For details, please write to us at [email protected]

So overall, its a sure-shot, win-win situation for folks, who wants to learn Data Visualization using Tableau the way it should be learnt and also get help with placements and Interview preparations.

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